AP Biology :: Ecology, Biochemistry, Cell Structure, and Enzymes

w00t, so here is the first semester 1 AP Bio study guide, posted at 2:33 am. -_-;; (I don’t even know why I posted this, no one’s going to read it at this hour)

Download: [Meridian]_Ecology_Biochemistry_Cellstructure_and_Enzymes.pdf

Because this task was short noticed, Meridian had no choice but to hire some friends as our temp writers, so the quality of the notes will not match up to the other Bio AP guides. Also, since I am lazy and it is 2 am, none of this stuff is edited, summarized, quality checked, or proofread except by the original author, so these notes could have errors as well (refer to disclaimer for details). So yea, John and I assisted Lei Gong (our only permanent GW for bio sem1) along with 2 friends and produced this wonderful (haha yea right) 8 page long guide (lol funny its longer than semester 2 stuff). Anyways, read at your own risk and gl on the test today 😉

– Tim

Due to the fact that this guide does not even meet the bare minimum standards of Meridian , it will be taken down till it has gone through rigorous revamping.
Sorry to those who waited for this guide.

Due to requests. This has been put up, unfortunately not edited yet.

– Willy


2 Responses to “AP Biology :: Ecology, Biochemistry, Cell Structure, and Enzymes”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks! Very nice outline.

  2. student Says:

    thank you!

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