Semi-Closing of Gov AP

Since John is being lazy, I will have to deliver the unfortunate news.

Once again, another section of Meridian Notes will be semi closed. Due to the content of some of the notes, the guest writer’s notes will all be taken down permanently (I am sorry for not informing the writers beforehand, but feel free talk to me at school/email if you have any questions). Also, the unit reviews will also be taken down for now. I’m not making any promises, but they may be put back up in the near future after some revamping. The good news is all of the vocab reviews will still be left up.

That is all.

EDIT: The brief Unit VI guide made by Jeff will still be kept up.

– Tim


Semi-Official Closing of APUSH

Hello all juniors. Yes, as you have probably already noticed, every one of the APUSH study guides are taken down. This is NOT a joke, they are most likely taken down forever.

The reason for this will come later as I discuss with more of the team, but partial blame could be put on those who only read Meridian/Invader’s Realm. Again, more on this later.

I did not give any “pre-warning”, and the reason is pretty obvious.
For those who still do not understand, think ” Right Click –> Save File As…”

– Willy

Gov AP :: Lecture Notes Unit II

More notes for those studying for tomorrow…

Download: 1. Political Culture.pdf

Download: 2. Ideology + Public Policy.pdf

Download: 3. Public Opinion.pdf

Download: 4. Political Socialization.pdf

Download: 5. Voter Turnout.pdf

Download: 6. Factors Affecting Voter Behavior.pdf

Download: 7. Congressional Elections.pdf

Download: 8. Path to the Presidency.pdf

Download: 9. Electoral College.pdf

Download: 10. Campaign Finance.pdf

That’s it folks.


Gov AP :: Lecture Notes

A round of applause (or hand shaking, if you prefer) to guest writers Prahalika Reddy, Gayathri Kumar, and Rachita Gehi for creating lecture notes. Yes, they are terribly old, but so are most important things in life (and we neglected to post them earlier).

– John

Download: Centralism vs. Decentralism – States vs. Federal.pdf

Download: Democracy in the USA.pdf

Download: Federalism and Federal Grants

Download: Federal Mandates

Download: Origins of American Federalism

Download: Origins of the American Republic

Download: Politics of American Federalism.pdf

Download: Principles of the Constitution.pdf

Download: Structures of American Federalism.pdf

Gov AP :: Unit V Public Policy [Final Part I]

Ahoy and sorry for the delay, enjoy the Unit V guide on Public Policy. We are working on Unit VI to complete your pretty set of Meridian Notes for GovAP. For all the vocabulary, please refer to the individual set of notes for each Chapter’s vocab. Remember that the multiple choice part of the final is on Units V and VI, while the FRQ is on all the Gov goodness we’ve had for the year. Good luck on finals everyone!

Download: [Meridian] Gov Unit V Public Policy.pdf


Edit: Pardon my mistake in not actually posting the guide. Suppose I’m still a noob at this, anyhow 🙂

Edit: Unit 6 Notes are up, but are rather brief, but include pages for further reference.

I apologize in advance for their brevity.


Download: [Meridian] Gov Unit VI Civil Rights & Liberties

Economics AP :: Final Exam Review

And thus comes the closing of the Econ department. T’was a good (horrible) year (Semester), filled with excitement, anguish, and confusing about AS/AD graphs.

Well no more, for we have here a complete guide for the 150+ terms on Pelkey’s review chart. Racking up an impressive 9 pages of full text (and one page of graphs)
We also added a few. And there are some duplicated but that is because Pelkey’s study guide itself had a few repeats.

So without further ado… We present our Coupe de Grace, our Grande Fiesta, our ShowStopper Extravaganza for this year.
Drum Roll please.

Download: [Meridian]_EconAP_Final_Exam_1.1.pdf

Good night and good luck.

– Willy

New version.
Lots of corrections.
The biggest change is the addition of the theories at the end (adding up 4 more pages) including Classical, Monetarist, Fiscal/Keynesian, etc.

All hail Goddess Amy, for she is benevolent and gave you such a blessing.
Also, Goddess Amy has an announcement. Heed well.

“”A lot of the concepts int he review sheet are missing (for example, GDP), and a lot of the concepts are described here only in brief for review purposes only. If you don’t understand something, we advise you to look back to the original study guide for a more detailed explanation.”” – Amy

– Willy

Final Final Version. (Hopefully)
Apparently, there was a vocab word missing.

I’ve fixed it. If you can find it and comment on here which one was missing, i’ll give you a cookie.

Not you amy.

– Willy

Finals Extravaganza

Hope everyone is doing well. The Econ department will be releasing the finals review packet sometime on Sunday. I THINK Gov is doing one too, but I’m getting conflicting reports from Jeff and John. In the meantime, check out the posts below for all you AP Bio and/or APUSH students!! I especially recommend the AP Bio guide. Both are REALLY comprehensive and extremely helpful.

Meanwhile, most of Meridian will be attending FAFSA (Free and Fun Studying Adventure) on Monday. FAFSA (a Leadership run activity) will be open the library from 3-10 PM for finals study. Here’s a list of teachers attending (* indicate they will be in their own room):

Tsai: 3-5
Ahn: 4-5
Jennings: 3-4:15*
Recktenwald 3-5
Clarke 3-6:30
Hamb, T. 4-6*
Hamb, C.: 4-6*
DeRuiter: 4-6
Pelkey: 6-8
Dong: 6-10

Hope to see you guys there and good luck on finals everyone! =)

– Amy

P.S. Ignore the “Chapter 18 Economic Policy” stuff on the top of the APUSH study guides…I don’t think John was paying attention when he was reformatting. -_-